Benefits of Wool

 Norwegian Sheep, wool

100% Natural 

Wool has some exceptional properties that no synthetic fibers can match. It is a natural material that is great at regulating temperate. Wool is breathable, odor resistant and provides excellent insulation. 

Oakley & Lorimer Quality

We believe products should last a lifetime and in order to produce the highest quality woolen products, we source exclusively from Norway. Each piece is sustainably produced and finely woven. 

Natural & Eco-Friendly

The Norwegian wool is known for its exceptional long-lasting quality and is one of the world’s most eco and animal-friendly textile fibers. The sheep roam freely and graze on natural pastures. The end result is a superior product with long-lasting qualities. 

* Superior insulation

* Excellent breathability

* Regulates temperature

* Absorbs and wicks moisture

* Warm even when wet or damp

* Antibacterial and odor resistant

* Elastic and maintains its shape

* Non-static and fire-retardant

* 100% natural, sustainable fiber